These are some of my favorite photos and, for good reasons, half came from Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of San Francisco. Not only because it's an unspoiled national treasure, but that there's a unique spiritual grandeur embedded in the place. Most of the rest were taken in NYC, my home town, whose landscape is more a reflection of humanity but includes nature and is not without it's own spiritual energy; although less calming it's no less important. Archival digital prints, signed and numbered in limited editions of 200. Epson Ultrachrome inks, UV protected, with a lightfast rating of 165 years by Wilhelm Imaging, a leading independent testing authority. They may be printed on heavy white cotton watercolor, ultrasmooth fine art or premium luster papers, all acid-free, in a choice of sizes.


Rumi, the ancient Persian poet, wrote, "Do you think I know what I am doing? ... As much as a pen knows what it is writing". I try to let go of control and let my art find it's own way. Creativity comes through the window of ideas from outside conscious control. The experience amazes me by exceeding my plans and abilities. White areas open up the space and lighten the atmosphere. In this simplified space, objects begin to take on more individual shapes. They no longer press against one another like cells in a honeycomb. They are clearly seen as separate from the background, as actors engaged in a drama. Now the whites begin to break up the outer rectangle of the picture plane so the outside white space flows through the image. The white becomes a large field for the image to operate in. I broke out of 'the box' and found a wider perspective. The viewer sees the painting as one world among many. Launched on a new voyage but without yet knowing the destination.


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