The work is from close observation of objects, and of the specific light I see them in. We take light for granted, but most prevalent condition of the universe is darkness. Light is a special grace. I work slowly, in strong natural daylight, using traditional Materials ­ oil on linen or on wooden panels. Usually I paint natural forms that are stable, like bones, or in the process of change, like flowers.

The objects I paint from the human world are ones which could come from almost any culture or time ­ vessels, candles, glass, cloth. These volumetric objects are juxtaposed in space, sometimes seeming to be free of gravity. The movement within the paintings alludes to human gesture and relationship. These objects have an authenticity that is absent in a world of imitations, reproductions, and artificial realities. At first I choose things to paint because of unexplainable affinity for these things. They are encountered by chance, found or given to me. Each form seems to seek out the next one, until a context develops from their combination in the painting. Further along, the allusive qualities become conscious, and recurring themes have emerged from the paintings: reflections on mortality, transformation, connection.

The spaces in my paintings are intimate meeting places for the grand forces of atmosphere and light. Each painting encompasses more than one view or time. These ambiguities contrast with the exactness and clarity of vision in the representation of each thing.


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