The choice of my subject matter has a personal or biographical reference. I like to work from common objects and transmute them into metaphors for the human figure or for human relationships. Whether working with my own ordinary garden gloves, with chairs, with coats or other subject matter that have affiliations with family members, I transform the objects by inner and unconscious thoughts, memories, desires, and emotions that are triggered in me during the process of painting them. The fabric and folds of the gloves, the draped chairs and the coats conjure not only references to a draped figure, but they also retain the impression of, and resonate with the presence of an unseen hand or body. The gloves, chairs, and coats for me are meditations on absence because, paradoxically, even though the gloves chairs, and coats are empty, they appear to be animated by the gesture of a hand or infer the presence of a body now absent. They are a kind of metaphoric and referential portraiture and question the reality of absence and presence. What is authentic and what is palpable?


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